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Thirst is deadlier than hunger. Deprived of food, you might survive for a few weeks, but deprived of liquid refreshment, you would be lucky to last more than a few days. Only breathing matters more . . . Tens of thousands of years ago, early humans foraging in small bands had to remain near rivers, springs, and lakes to ensure an adequate supply of fresh water. . . The availability of water constrained and guided humankind’s progress. Drinks have continued to shape human history ever since.
Tom Standage, A History of the World in 6 Glasses

 The Minnesota River Wine, Beer, and History Trail invites travelers to indulge in our Sips of History, as they explore the Southern Minnesota River communities that have been forged by the great force of the Warren River and the fortuitous pioneers who shaped it’s culture though wine and beer, and water. The evolution of these vital fluids to this region tells the tale of adventure, survival, sacrifice, and celebration. Follow the trail and discover a new history as told through the living story of the drinks that contributed to the growth of Southern Minnesota.


Come and experience the people and unique places of the

Minnesota Sips of History Trail!